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The Law hits home

I liked examining land plats and easements in the text book and seeing a photo of a “holographic” will someone had scrawled on the inside of a dresser drawer. In fact, I found it fascinating!

It wasn’t until our second child was diagnosed with autism that I became concerned with the legal issues surrounding disability. What rights did our Molly have by law? How could we give her the best future possible? She would be dependent on someone for the rest of her life. What if something happened to us? It was a genuinely scary thought.

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I had no idea while attending law school that I would one day have a personal reason to take an interest in special needs matters. I only knew that I enjoyed classes like Property and Trusts and Estates, while most of my classmates seemed to prefer Criminal Law and other more “exciting” subjects.

When Molly turned 18, we had to face what many families of special needs children do—seeking guardianship so we could continue to make legal decisions for her care and act on her behalf. Additionally, we had to consider her future financial situation. Creating a special needs trust is one answer. Want to learn more about it? Please 

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